Sunday, 1 November 2009

Crochet Poppy - Free Pattern

With Rememberance Sunday a week away and having to get a poppy very soon I thought that it would be nice to have one crocheted so you can use it the following years. 

I do want to say that if you do this for Memorial Day please remeber that it is a charity and still needs donations so please put in whatever you would have if you had been buying one.

I have tested this pattern, but if there are any errors or questions please ask in the comments below or e-mail me at: gracey2887 [at] googlemail [dot] com
Please feel free to do what ever you want with the end product, even sell it if you wish, but please do not sell this pattern. You can print it out for personal use. Copyright 2009 Craftylion ©.


SIZE: About 2.5 inches diameter, but depends upon yarn and hook.  The leaf adds about an inch.

GAUGE: Not important for this item


Red Double Knit Yarn
Green Double Knit Yarn
Black Button or Bead
3mm hook

ch = chain
dc = double crochet
htr = half treble crochet
r = row
rep = repeat
rnd = round
slst = slip stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
tr = treble crochet

British terminology used

NOTE: Join rnds with a slst unless otherwise stated


Poppy Head

Rnd 1: With 3mm hook and yarn, ch2. Make 10dc in 2nd ch from hook. Join with a slst in 1st dc. (10sts)
Rnd 2: *ch1 dc ch1 2tr in next st, 3tr in next st, 2tr ch1 dc in next st, slst in next 2sts. rep from * once again.
Rnd 3: *ch1 3dc in next 2 sts, 2dc in next 5sts, 3dc in next 2 sts,slst in next 2sts. rep from * once again. Fasten off.


r 1: ch10, dc in 2nd ch from hook, htr in next st, tr in next 2 sts, dtr in next st, dtr 2tr in next st, htr in next st, dc in next st, 3dc in next st.  Do not turn work but instead go along the other side of the foundation row using the free loops.
r 2: 2dc in same st as last 3dc of row 1, dc in next st, htr in next st, 2tr dtr in next st, dtr in next st, tr in next 2sts, htr in next st, dc in next st, end with slst and fasten off invisibly.


That's you done, well almost ;-) all you need to do is Block it with a light steam iron to flatten it and then sew the poppy head on in front of the leaf and also add the black button to the centre.