Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New Job, New Shop

I have a new shop on etsy.com and I have to admit I love it.  My mum and my great uncle are contributing to it as well so I not only have crochet and craft items, but also knit items, jewellery, digital work and irish blackthorn walking sticks.

It is really good and it gets our items out into the public view.

I have to admit though I just started a new job a few months ago and keeping up with it all is kinda hard, but I have am on top of things at the moment.

You may previously remember me mentioning that I used to work for Creative Ideas, but I have since changed to office work and now am residing in a brilliant little ice cream shop closer to home.  It's called Dolce & Gelato and the owner has a couple of other businesses as well.  It's a great place and the girls and guy (better not forget Jack) or really friendly.  I have only been working there for a couple of weeks, but already I feel like it's been a few years.  There are still a few things I have to get my head around though as this is the first time I have worked in an office, but as I have done most of the work for my own life and also have studied ICT it I can quickly get the hang of it.

They also sell hot food and sandwiches to take away or sit in and there is a lovely courtyard out the back where you can sit under a large umbrella and have of little fun with friends and family.

I'll get an etsy mini on the side of the screen sometime soon so keep an eye out for that and then you can also have a look at the items I have for sale.  In the meantime here is a link to my shop homepage.