Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Messianic Poem

Whilst looking for a Star of David to wear for a necklace I was on an Israeli site and I saw a symbol which I had never seen before. It is called the messianic seal. Now I love the star of David and I am getting one of them as well as this seal, but the new symbol was even more symbolic of my faith.

It was a menorah and a fish and the bottom of the menorah and the tail of the fish intertwined to become the star of David. Well I just loved that because it shows that the heritage of a believer doesn't just start with Jesus life on earth but that Jesus was there in the beginning and through the time of Moses getting the Ten Commandments and the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Then unto King David which God ordained and then to Jesus death and triumphant resurrection over death. All the while showing that God was in control of everything.

On reflection of this I decided to write a poem about it. So here it is.

The Messianic Seal

I was learning about dear Israel,
And a seal which they had found,
Painted on a darkened wall,
In a cave beneath the ground.

It was written in a golden hue,
With three distinctive parts,
And as I continued reading I found,
It was something dear to my heart.

The top was a menorah,
An age old Hebrew sign,
And it symbolised the tabernacle,
During Moses' time.

The middle sign was intertwined,
Between the first and last,
Making the star of King David's shield,
From battles in the past.

The last bit was a little fish ,
And the best part, that I knew,
For it showed the love of God's Son,
Who died to save me and you.

And all these represented,
A lineage of belief,
In Jesus the Messiah who,
From your sin gives you relief.