Monday, 31 January 2011

New year, new start

Ok so it's a new year and since I never did much on the blog last year it'll be a new start and I really want to put a lot more on the blog from now on.

To start with I wrote a poem and I want to share it with you all. It's about my faith.

I pledge allegiance to the Lord
The saviour enthroned on high
My rock, my shield, my guiding light
He is my battle cry.

He loves me like a newborn babe,
So helpless and so weak
And gives me strength to carry on,
Each day until we meet.

So I will follow Christ my Lord,
And worship Him on high
I'll tell about His wondrous love
And His mansion in the sky.

I'll tell of all the things He did
The miracles so grand,
And all the parables He told
Whilst in the promised land

I'll tell of everywhere He went,
So many years before
And think of how they've changed today
Along that distant shore.

I'll tell of how He died
At the hands of the unjust
And all this was for me
If only I should trust.

I'll tell of how He rose again
On that glorious third day
And how He conquered death for all
Who follow in His way

So I pledge allegiance to the Lord
And tell what He did for me
For I have been completely change
And from my sin set free.

I like writing poetry whenever it comes to mind so I'll be putting more online from now on.

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